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Chance of a Thunderstorm
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Bleachers on Seth

Did you catch the Bleachers on Seth Meyers last night? 

And Heres Jack Antonoff Talking About His Yoko

And here’s Jack Antonoff talking about his Yoko Ono story.

And His Punk Rock Story

And his punk rock story:

New Spoon

Here’s the brand new video for Spoon's “Do You.” And don't miss the chance to get the whole record They Want My Soul on August 5! 

More Spoon

Spoon has released unofficial videos for other tracks on their upcoming album in the wake of their first official video for “Do You.” Confused? Let’s let the music speak for itself. Here’s “Rent I Pay.” 

And Check Out Inside Out

And check out “Inside Out.” 

Eddie Speaks Out

As the world goes through unimaginable stress and sadness, leave it to our rock gods to speak out. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder ignited lots of controversy with his statements on the Israel conflict the other day but broke it all down with his take on John Lennon's “Imagine.” 

Eddie Vedder… [more]

Weezer's New Single

Hear the long awaited new Weezer track “Back To The Shack” and don’t miss your chance to buy the song on iTunes tonight at midnight! Weezer will be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow (Wednesday) but if you miss it live you’ll always have us to bring it… [more]

RXP's Top 10

RXP’S TOP 10 FOR JULY 21, 2014

1.  BLEACHERS                              “I Wanna Get Better”

2.  VANCE JOY                                 “Riptide”

3. J.… [more]

New Alt-J

Have you seen the brand new video for Alt-J's “Hunger Of The Pine”? 

If You Saw This….

If you saw this on the street, would you stop and laugh, join them, or keep walking???

Honestly, didn’t think they would be into this kind of music!!


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